Module CGIHTTPServer
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Module CGIHTTPServer

CGI-savvy HTTP Server.

This module builds on SimpleHTTPServer by implementing GET and POST requests to cgi-bin scripts.

If the os.fork() function is not present (e.g. on Windows), os.popen2() is used as a fallback, with slightly altered semantics; if that function is not present either (e.g. on Macintosh), only Python scripts are supported, and they are executed by the current process.

In all cases, the implementation is intentionally naive -- all requests are executed sychronously.

SECURITY WARNING: DON'T USE THIS CODE UNLESS YOU ARE INSIDE A FIREWALL -- it may execute arbitrary Python code or external programs.

Note that status code 200 is sent prior to execution of a CGI script, so scripts cannot send other status codes such as 302 (redirect).

Version: 0.4

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Complete HTTP server with GET, HEAD and POST commands.
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Internal routine to get nobody's uid
Test for executable file.
test(HandlerClass=<class CGIHTTPServer.CGIHTTPRequestHandler at 0x40aca9bc>, ServerClass=<class BaseHTTPServer.HTTPServer at 0x406ee8cc>)
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  nobody = None

Imports: os, sys, urllib, BaseHTTPServer, SimpleHTTPServer, select