Module DocXMLRPCServer
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Module DocXMLRPCServer

Self documenting XML-RPC Server.

This module can be used to create XML-RPC servers that serve pydoc-style documentation in response to HTTP GET requests. This documentation is dynamically generated based on the functions and methods registered with the server.

This module is built upon the pydoc and SimpleXMLRPCServer modules.

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Class used to generate pydoc HTML document for a server
Generates documentation for an XML-RPC server.
XML-RPC and documentation request handler class.
XML-RPC and HTML documentation server.
Handler for XML-RPC data and documentation requests passed through CGI

Imports: pydoc, inspect, re, sys, SimpleXMLRPCServer, SimpleXMLRPCRequestHandler, CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler, resolve_dotted_attribute