Module FileDialog :: Class FileDialog
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_ClassType FileDialog

Known Subclasses:

Standard file selection dialog -- no checks on selected file.


    d = FileDialog(master)
    fname = d.go(dir_or_file, pattern, default, key)
    if fname is None: ...canceled...
    else: file...

All arguments to go() are optional.

The 'key' argument specifies a key in the global dictionary
'dialogstates', which keeps track of the values for the directory
and pattern arguments, overriding the values passed in (it does
not keep track of the default argument!).  If no key is specified,
the dialog keeps no memory of previous state.  Note that memory is
kept even when the dialog is canceled.  (All this emulates the
behavior of the Macintosh file selection dialogs.)

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, master, title=None)
go(self, dir_or_file='.', pattern='*', default='', key=None)
quit(self, how=None)
dirs_double_event(self, event)
dirs_select_event(self, event)
files_double_event(self, event)
files_select_event(self, event)
ok_event(self, event)
filter_command(self, event=None)
cancel_command(self, event=None)
set_filter(self, dir, pat)
set_selection(self, file)
Class Variables [hide private]
  title = 'File Selection Dialog'