Module Tix :: Class _dummyButton
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_ClassType _dummyButton

      Tkinter.Misc --+            
    Tkinter.BaseWidget --+        
          Tkinter.Pack --+        
         Tkinter.Place --+        
          Tkinter.Grid --+        
                  Form --+        
            Tkinter.Widget --+    
                Tkinter.Button --+
  Tkinter.Misc --+               |
                 |               |
Tkinter.BaseWidget --+           |
                     |           |
      Tkinter.Pack --+           |
                     |           |
     Tkinter.Place --+           |
                     |           |
      Tkinter.Grid --+           |
                     |           |
              Form --+           |
                     |           |
        Tkinter.Widget --+       |
                         |       |
                 TixWidget --+   |
                             |   |
                  TixSubWidget --+

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from Tkinter.Misc: getdouble, getint

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, master, name, destroy_physically=1)
Construct a button widget with the parent MASTER.

Inherited from Tkinter.Button: flash, invoke, tkButtonDown, tkButtonEnter, tkButtonInvoke, tkButtonLeave, tkButtonUp

Inherited from Tkinter.BaseWidget: destroy

Inherited from Tkinter.BaseWidget (private): _do, _setup

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Inherited from Tkinter.Pack: forget, info, pack, pack_configure, pack_forget, pack_info

Inherited from Tkinter.Place: place, place_configure, place_forget, place_info

Inherited from Tkinter.Grid: grid, grid_configure, grid_forget, grid_info, grid_remove, location

Inherited from Form: check, form

Inherited from TixWidget: __getattr__, config_all, image_create, image_delete, set_silent, subwidget, subwidgets_all

Inherited from TixWidget (private): _subwidget_name, _subwidget_names

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from Tkinter.Misc: _noarg_

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, master, name, destroy_physically=1)

Construct a button widget with the parent MASTER.


    activebackground, activeforeground, anchor,
    background, bitmap, borderwidth, cursor,
    disabledforeground, font, foreground
    highlightbackground, highlightcolor,
    highlightthickness, image, justify,
    padx, pady, relief, repeatdelay,
    repeatinterval, takefocus, text,
    textvariable, underline, wraplength


    command, compound, default, height,
    overrelief, state, width

Overrides: TixWidget.__init__