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_ClassType Menu

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Known Subclasses:

Menu widget which allows to display menu bars, pull-down menus and pop-up menus.

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from Misc: getdouble, getint

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, master=None, cnf={}, **kw)
Construct menu widget with the parent MASTER.
tk_traverseToMenu(self, char)
tk_traverseWithinMenu(self, char)
tk_nextMenu(self, count)
tk_nextMenuEntry(self, count)
tk_popup(self, x, y, entry='')
Post the menu at position X,Y with entry ENTRY.
activate(self, index)
Activate entry at INDEX.
add(self, itemType, cnf={}, **kw)
Internal function.
add_cascade(self, cnf={}, **kw)
Add hierarchical menu item.
add_checkbutton(self, cnf={}, **kw)
Add checkbutton menu item.
add_command(self, cnf={}, **kw)
Add command menu item.
add_radiobutton(self, cnf={}, **kw)
Addd radio menu item.
add_separator(self, cnf={}, **kw)
Add separator.
insert(self, index, itemType, cnf={}, **kw)
Internal function.
insert_cascade(self, index, cnf={}, **kw)
Add hierarchical menu item at INDEX.
insert_checkbutton(self, index, cnf={}, **kw)
Add checkbutton menu item at INDEX.
insert_command(self, index, cnf={}, **kw)
Add command menu item at INDEX.
insert_radiobutton(self, index, cnf={}, **kw)
Addd radio menu item at INDEX.
insert_separator(self, index, cnf={}, **kw)
Add separator at INDEX.
delete(self, index1, index2=None)
Delete menu items between INDEX1 and INDEX2 (not included).
entrycget(self, index, option)
Return the resource value of an menu item for OPTION at INDEX.
entryconfigure(self, index, cnf=None, **kw)
Configure a menu item at INDEX.
entryconfig(self, index, cnf=None, **kw)
Configure a menu item at INDEX.
index(self, index)
Return the index of a menu item identified by INDEX.
invoke(self, index)
Invoke a menu item identified by INDEX and execute the associated command.
post(self, x, y)
Display a menu at position X,Y.
type(self, index)
Return the type of the menu item at INDEX.
Unmap a menu.
yposition(self, index)
Return the y-position of the topmost pixel of the menu item at INDEX.

Inherited from BaseWidget: destroy

Inherited from BaseWidget (private): _do, _setup

Inherited from Misc: __getitem__, __setitem__, __str__, after, after_cancel, after_idle, bbox, bell, bind, bind_all, bind_class, bindtags, cget, clipboard_append, clipboard_clear, clipboard_get, colormodel, columnconfigure, config, configure, deletecommand, event_add, event_delete, event_generate, event_info, focus, focus_displayof, focus_force, focus_get, focus_lastfor, focus_set, getboolean, getvar, grab_current, grab_release, grab_set, grab_set_global, grab_status, grid_bbox, grid_columnconfigure, grid_location, grid_propagate, grid_rowconfigure, grid_size, grid_slaves, image_names, image_types, keys, lift, lower, mainloop, nametowidget, option_add, option_clear, option_get, option_readfile, pack_propagate, pack_slaves, place_slaves, propagate, quit, register, rowconfigure, selection_clear, selection_get, selection_handle, selection_own, selection_own_get, send, setvar, size, slaves, tk_bisque, tk_focusFollowsMouse, tk_focusNext, tk_focusPrev, tk_menuBar, tk_setPalette, tk_strictMotif, tkraise, unbind, unbind_all, unbind_class, update, update_idletasks, wait_variable, wait_visibility, wait_window, waitvar, winfo_atom, winfo_atomname, winfo_cells, winfo_children, winfo_class, winfo_colormapfull, winfo_containing, winfo_depth, winfo_exists, winfo_fpixels, winfo_geometry, winfo_height, winfo_id, winfo_interps, winfo_ismapped, winfo_manager, winfo_name, winfo_parent, winfo_pathname, winfo_pixels, winfo_pointerx, winfo_pointerxy, winfo_pointery, winfo_reqheight, winfo_reqwidth, winfo_rgb, winfo_rootx, winfo_rooty, winfo_screen, winfo_screencells, winfo_screendepth, winfo_screenheight, winfo_screenmmheight, winfo_screenmmwidth, winfo_screenvisual, winfo_screenwidth, winfo_server, winfo_toplevel, winfo_viewable, winfo_visual, winfo_visualid, winfo_visualsavailable, winfo_vrootheight, winfo_vrootwidth, winfo_vrootx, winfo_vrooty, winfo_width, winfo_x, winfo_y

Inherited from Pack: forget, info, pack, pack_configure, pack_forget, pack_info

Inherited from Place: place, place_configure, place_forget, place_info

Inherited from Grid: grid, grid_configure, grid_forget, grid_info, grid_remove, location

Inherited from Tix.Form: check, form

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from Misc: _noarg_

Inherited from Misc (private): _subst_format, _subst_format_str, _tclCommands

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, master=None, cnf={}, **kw)


Construct menu widget with the parent MASTER.

Valid resource names: activebackground, activeborderwidth, activeforeground, background, bd, bg, borderwidth, cursor, disabledforeground, fg, font, foreground, postcommand, relief, selectcolor, takefocus, tearoff, tearoffcommand, title, type.

Overrides: BaseWidget.__init__