Module asynchat
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Module asynchat

A class supporting chat-style (command/response) protocols.

This class adds support for 'chat' style protocols - where one side sends a 'command', and the other sends a response (examples would be the common internet protocols - smtp, nntp, ftp, etc..).

The handle_read() method looks at the input stream for the current 'terminator' (usually '\r\n' for single-line responses, '\r\n.\r\n' for multi-line output), calling self.found_terminator() on its receipt.

for example: Say you build an async nntp client using this class. At the start of the connection, you'll have self.terminator set to '\r\n', in order to process the single-line greeting. Just before issuing a 'LIST' command you'll set it to '\r\n.\r\n'. The output of the LIST command will be accumulated (using your own 'collect_incoming_data' method) up to the terminator, and then control will be returned to you - by calling your self.found_terminator() method.

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This is an abstract class.
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find_prefix_at_end(haystack, needle)

Imports: socket, asyncore, deque