Module bdb :: Class Bdb
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_ClassType Bdb

Known Subclasses:

Generic Python debugger base class.

This class takes care of details of the trace facility; a derived class should implement user interaction. The standard debugger class (pdb.Pdb) is an example.

Instance Methods [hide private]
canonic(self, filename)
trace_dispatch(self, frame, event, arg)
dispatch_line(self, frame)
dispatch_call(self, frame, arg)
dispatch_return(self, frame, arg)
dispatch_exception(self, frame, arg)
stop_here(self, frame)
break_here(self, frame)
do_clear(self, arg)
break_anywhere(self, frame)
user_call(self, frame, argument_list)
This method is called when there is the remote possibility that we ever need to stop in this function.
user_line(self, frame)
This method is called when we stop or break at this line.
user_return(self, frame, return_value)
This method is called when a return trap is set here.
user_exception(self, frame, (exc_type, exc_value, exc_traceback))
This method is called if an exception occurs, but only if we are to stop at or just below this level.
Stop after one line of code.
set_next(self, frame)
Stop on the next line in or below the given frame.
set_return(self, frame)
Stop when returning from the given frame.
set_trace(self, frame=None)
Start debugging from `frame`.
set_break(self, filename, lineno, temporary=0, cond=None, funcname=None)
clear_break(self, filename, lineno)
clear_bpbynumber(self, arg)
clear_all_file_breaks(self, filename)
get_break(self, filename, lineno)
get_breaks(self, filename, lineno)
get_file_breaks(self, filename)
get_stack(self, f, t)
format_stack_entry(self, frame_lineno, lprefix=': ')
run(self, cmd, globals=None, locals=None)
runeval(self, expr, globals=None, locals=None)
runctx(self, cmd, globals, locals)
runcall(self, func, *args, **kwds)
Method Details [hide private]

set_trace(self, frame=None)


Start debugging from `frame`.

If frame is not specified, debugging starts from caller's frame.