Package bsddb
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Package bsddb

Support for BerkeleyDB 3.3 through 4.4 with a simple interface.

For the full featured object oriented interface use the bsddb.db module instead. It mirrors the Sleepycat BerkeleyDB C API.


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A simple wrapper around DB that makes it look like the bsddbobject in the old module.
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hashopen(file, flag='c', mode=438, pgsize=None, ffactor=None, nelem=None, cachesize=None, lorder=None, hflags=0)
btopen(file, flag='c', mode=438, btflags=0, cachesize=None, maxkeypage=None, minkeypage=None, pgsize=None, lorder=None)
rnopen(file, flag='c', mode=438, rnflags=0, cachesize=None, pgsize=None, lorder=None, rlen=None, delim=None, source=None, pad=None)
_checkflag(flag, file)

Imports: _pybsddb, _bsddb, _DeadlockWrap, _db, db, error, sys, os, UserDict, ref, dbobj, dbrecio, dbshelve, dbtables, dbutils