Module cProfile :: Class Profile
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type Profile

      object --+    
_lsprof.Profiler --+

Profile(custom_timer=None, time_unit=None, subcalls=True, builtins=True)

Builds a profiler object using the specified timer function. The default timer is a fast built-in one based on real time. For custom timer functions returning integers, time_unit can be a float specifying a scale (i.e. how long each integer unit is, in seconds).

Instance Methods [hide private]
print_stats(self, sort=-1)
dump_stats(self, file)
run(self, cmd)
runctx(self, cmd, globals, locals)
runcall(self, func, *args, **kw)

Inherited from _lsprof.Profiler: __init__, __new__, clear, disable, enable, getstats