Module cgi :: Class SvFormContentDict
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_ClassType SvFormContentDict

UserDict.UserDict --+    
      FormContentDict --+
Known Subclasses:

Form content as dictionary expecting a single value per field.

If you only expect a single value for each field, then form[key] will return that single value. It will raise an IndexError if that expectation is not true. If you expect a field to have possible multiple values, than you can use form.getlist(key) to get all of the values. values() and items() are a compromise: they return single strings where there is a single value, and lists of strings otherwise.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__getitem__(self, key)
getlist(self, key)

Inherited from FormContentDict: __init__

Inherited from UserDict.UserDict: __cmp__, __contains__, __delitem__, __len__, __repr__, __setitem__, clear, copy, get, has_key, iteritems, iterkeys, itervalues, keys, pop, popitem, setdefault, update

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Inherited from UserDict.UserDict: fromkeys

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__getitem__(self, key)
(Indexing operator)

Overrides: UserDict.UserDict.__getitem__


Overrides: UserDict.UserDict.values


Overrides: UserDict.UserDict.items