Module colorsys
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Module colorsys

Conversion functions between RGB and other color systems.

This modules provides two functions for each color system ABC:

  rgb_to_abc(r, g, b) --> a, b, c
  abc_to_rgb(a, b, c) --> r, g, b

All inputs and outputs are triples of floats in the range [0.0...1.0]
(with the exception of I and Q, which covers a slightly larger range).
Inputs outside the valid range may cause exceptions or invalid outputs.

Supported color systems:
RGB: Red, Green, Blue components
YIQ: Luminance, Chrominance (used by composite video signals)
HLS: Hue, Luminance, Saturation
HSV: Hue, Saturation, Value

Functions [hide private]
rgb_to_yiq(r, g, b)
yiq_to_rgb(y, i, q)
rgb_to_hls(r, g, b)
hls_to_rgb(h, l, s)
_v(m1, m2, hue)
rgb_to_hsv(r, g, b)
hsv_to_rgb(h, s, v)
Variables [hide private]
  ONE_THIRD = 0.333333333333
  ONE_SIXTH = 0.166666666667
  TWO_THIRD = 0.666666666667