Package compiler :: Module visitor :: Class ASTVisitor
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_ClassType ASTVisitor

Known Subclasses:

Performs a depth-first walk of the AST

The ASTVisitor will walk the AST, performing either a preorder or
postorder traversal depending on which method is called.

preorder(tree, visitor)
postorder(tree, visitor)
    tree: an instance of ast.Node
    visitor: an instance with visitXXX methods

The ASTVisitor is responsible for walking over the tree in the
correct order.  For each node, it checks the visitor argument for
a method named 'visitNodeType' where NodeType is the name of the
node's class, e.g. Class.  If the method exists, it is called
with the node as its sole argument.

The visitor method for a particular node type can control how
child nodes are visited during a preorder walk.  (It can't control
the order during a postorder walk, because it is called _after_
the walk has occurred.)  The ASTVisitor modifies the visitor
argument by adding a visit method to the visitor; this method can
be used to visit a child node of arbitrary type.

Instance Methods [hide private]
default(self, node, *args)
dispatch(self, node, *args)
preorder(self, tree, visitor, *args)
Do preorder walk of tree using visitor
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