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Module _endian

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Structure with big endian byte order
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Return the type with the 'other' byte order.
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  _OTHER_ENDIAN = '__ctype_be__'

Imports: sys, Union, c_wchar, c_double, CFUNCTYPE, byref, pointer, alignment, c_longlong, c_short, oledll, HRESULT, c_ulong, c_int, WinError, memmove, addressof, c_buffer, cdll, memset, string_at, sizeof, WINFUNCTYPE, create_string_buffer, create_unicode_buffer, c_long, c_char_p, ArgumentError, RTLD_LOCAL, c_ushort, py_object, wstring_at, c_wchar_p, windll, PyDLL, DEFAULT_MODE, WinDLL, gestalt, ARRAY, OleDLL, DllCanUnloadNow, CDLL, c_ubyte, RTLD_GLOBAL, c_char, c_float, SetPointerType, resize, cast, c_int8, c_byte, GetLastError, c_ulonglong, set_conversion_mode, c_voidp, pythonapi, PYFUNCTYPE, pydll, Structure, c_uint, c_void_p, FormatError, Array, c_size_t, c_uint8, DllGetClassObject, LibraryLoader, POINTER, _array_type, LittleEndianStructure

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Return the type with the 'other' byte order. Simple types like c_int and so on already have __ctype_be__ and __ctype_le__ attributes which contain the types, for more complicated types only arrays are supported.