Package curses :: Module textpad :: Class Textbox
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_ClassType Textbox

Editing widget using the interior of a window object.
 Supports the following Emacs-like key bindings:

Ctrl-A      Go to left edge of window.
Ctrl-B      Cursor left, wrapping to previous line if appropriate.
Ctrl-D      Delete character under cursor.
Ctrl-E      Go to right edge (stripspaces off) or end of line (stripspaces on).
Ctrl-F      Cursor right, wrapping to next line when appropriate.
Ctrl-G      Terminate, returning the window contents.
Ctrl-H      Delete character backward.
Ctrl-J      Terminate if the window is 1 line, otherwise insert newline.
Ctrl-K      If line is blank, delete it, otherwise clear to end of line.
Ctrl-L      Refresh screen.
Ctrl-N      Cursor down; move down one line.
Ctrl-O      Insert a blank line at cursor location.
Ctrl-P      Cursor up; move up one line.

Move operations do nothing if the cursor is at an edge where the movement
is not possible.  The following synonyms are supported where possible:

KEY_LEFT = Ctrl-B, KEY_RIGHT = Ctrl-F, KEY_UP = Ctrl-P, KEY_DOWN = Ctrl-N

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, win)
_end_of_line(self, y)
Go to the location of the first blank on the given line.
do_command(self, ch)
Process a single editing command.
Collect and return the contents of the window.
edit(self, validate=None)
Edit in the widget window and collect the results.