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Module extension


Provides the Extension class, used to describe C/C++ extension modules in setup scripts.

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Just a collection of attributes that describes an extension module and everything needed to build it (hopefully in a portable way, but there are hooks that let you be as unportable as you need).
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Imports: os, string, sys, IntType, TypeType, BooleanType, CodeType, UnboundMethodType, StringType, BuiltinMethodType, FloatType, DictionaryType, NotImplementedType, BuiltinFunctionType, DictProxyType, GeneratorType, InstanceType, ObjectType, DictType, GetSetDescriptorType, FileType, EllipsisType, StringTypes, ListType, MethodType, TupleType, ModuleType, FrameType, LongType, BufferType, TracebackType, ClassType, MemberDescriptorType, UnicodeType, SliceType, ComplexType, LambdaType, FunctionType, XRangeType, NoneType, warnings

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'$Id: 37623 2004-10-14 10:02:08Z anthonybaxter $'