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_ClassType _OutputRedirectingPdb

bdb.Bdb --+    
cmd.Cmd --+    
    pdb.Pdb --+

A specialized version of the python debugger that redirects stdout to a given stream when interacting with the user. Stdout is not redirected when traced code is executed.
Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, out)
Instantiate a line-oriented interpreter framework.
trace_dispatch(self, *args)

Inherited from pdb.Pdb: bp_commands, checkline, default, defaultFile, do_EOF, do_a, do_alias, do_args, do_b, do_break, do_bt, do_c, do_cl, do_clear, do_commands, do_condition, do_cont, do_continue, do_d, do_debug, do_disable, do_down, do_enable, do_exit, do_h, do_ignore, do_j, do_jump, do_l, do_list, do_n, do_next, do_p, do_pp, do_q, do_quit, do_r, do_return, do_retval, do_rv, do_s, do_step, do_tbreak, do_u, do_unalias, do_up, do_w, do_whatis, do_where, execRcLines, forget, handle_command_def, help_EOF, help_a, help_alias, help_args, help_b, help_break, help_bt, help_c, help_cl, help_clear, help_commands, help_condition, help_cont, help_continue, help_d, help_debug, help_disable, help_down, help_enable, help_exec, help_exit, help_h, help_help, help_ignore, help_j, help_jump, help_l, help_list, help_n, help_next, help_p, help_pdb, help_pp, help_q, help_quit, help_r, help_return, help_s, help_step, help_tbreak, help_u, help_unalias, help_up, help_w, help_whatis, help_where, interaction, lineinfo, lookupmodule, onecmd, precmd, print_stack_entry, print_stack_trace, reset, setup, user_call, user_exception, user_line, user_return

Inherited from pdb.Pdb (private): _getval, _runscript

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Inherited from cmd.Cmd: cmdloop, columnize, complete, complete_help, completedefault, completenames, do_help, emptyline, get_names, parseline, postcmd, postloop, preloop, print_topics

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Inherited from pdb.Pdb: commands_resuming

Inherited from cmd.Cmd: doc_header, doc_leader, identchars, intro, lastcmd, misc_header, nohelp, prompt, ruler, undoc_header, use_rawinput

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, out)


Instantiate a line-oriented interpreter framework.

The optional argument 'completekey' is the readline name of a completion key; it defaults to the Tab key. If completekey is not None and the readline module is available, command completion is done automatically. The optional arguments stdin and stdout specify alternate input and output file objects; if not specified, sys.stdin and sys.stdout are used.

Overrides: cmd.Cmd.__init__
(inherited documentation)

trace_dispatch(self, *args)

Overrides: bdb.Bdb.trace_dispatch