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_ClassType MIMEMessage

      message.Message --+        
            base.MIMEBase --+    
nonmultipart.MIMENonMultipart --+

Class representing message/* MIME documents.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, _msg, _subtype='rfc822')
Create a message/* type MIME document.

Inherited from nonmultipart.MIMENonMultipart: attach

Inherited from message.Message: __contains__, __delitem__, __getitem__, __len__, __setitem__, __str__, add_header, as_string, del_param, get, get_all, get_boundary, get_charset, get_charsets, get_content_charset, get_content_maintype, get_content_subtype, get_content_type, get_default_type, get_filename, get_param, get_params, get_payload, get_unixfrom, has_key, is_multipart, items, keys, replace_header, set_boundary, set_charset, set_default_type, set_param, set_payload, set_type, set_unixfrom, values

Inherited from message.Message (private): _get_params_preserve

Imports: walk

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, _msg, _subtype='rfc822')


Create a message/* type MIME document.

_msg is a message object and must be an instance of Message, or a derived class of Message, otherwise a TypeError is raised.

Optional _subtype defines the subtype of the contained message. The default is "rfc822" (this is defined by the MIME standard, even though the term "rfc822" is technically outdated by RFC 2822).

Overrides: message.Message.__init__