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_ClassType MIMEText

      message.Message --+        
            base.MIMEBase --+    
nonmultipart.MIMENonMultipart --+

Class for generating text/* type MIME documents.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, _text, _subtype='plain', _charset='us-ascii')
Create a text/* type MIME document.

Inherited from nonmultipart.MIMENonMultipart: attach

Inherited from message.Message: __contains__, __delitem__, __getitem__, __len__, __setitem__, __str__, add_header, as_string, del_param, get, get_all, get_boundary, get_charset, get_charsets, get_content_charset, get_content_maintype, get_content_subtype, get_content_type, get_default_type, get_filename, get_param, get_params, get_payload, get_unixfrom, has_key, is_multipart, items, keys, replace_header, set_boundary, set_charset, set_default_type, set_param, set_payload, set_type, set_unixfrom, values

Inherited from message.Message (private): _get_params_preserve

Imports: walk

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__init__(self, _text, _subtype='plain', _charset='us-ascii')


Create a text/* type MIME document.

_text is the string for this message object.

_subtype is the MIME sub content type, defaulting to "plain".

_charset is the character set parameter added to the Content-Type header. This defaults to "us-ascii". Note that as a side-effect, the Content-Transfer-Encoding header will also be set.

Overrides: message.Message.__init__