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_ClassType BasicModuleLoader

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Known Subclasses:

Basic module loader.

This provides the same functionality as built-in import. It doesn't deal with checking sys.modules -- all it provides is find_module() and a load_module(), as well as find_module_in_dir() which searches just one directory, and can be overridden by a derived class to change the module search algorithm when the basic dependency on sys.path is unchanged.

The interface is a little more convenient than imp's: find_module(name, [path]) returns None or 'stuff', and load_module(name, stuff) loads the module.

Instance Methods [hide private]
find_module(self, name, path=None)
find_module_in_dir(self, name, dir)
find_builtin_module(self, name)
load_module(self, name, stuff)

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