Module mhlib
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Module mhlib

MH interface -- purely object-oriented (well, almost)

Executive summary:

import mhlib

mh = mhlib.MH() # use default mailbox directory and profile mh = mhlib.MH(mailbox) # override mailbox location (default from profile) mh = mhlib.MH(mailbox, profile) # override mailbox and profile

mh.error(format, ...) # print error message -- can be overridden s = mh.getprofile(key) # profile entry (None if not set) path = mh.getpath() # mailbox pathname name = mh.getcontext() # name of current folder mh.setcontext(name) # set name of current folder

list = mh.listfolders() # names of top-level folders list = mh.listallfolders() # names of all folders, including subfolders list = mh.listsubfolders(name) # direct subfolders of given folder list = mh.listallsubfolders(name) # all subfolders of given folder

mh.makefolder(name) # create new folder mh.deletefolder(name) # delete folder -- must have no subfolders

f = mh.openfolder(name) # new open folder object

f.error(format, ...) # same as mh.error(format, ...) path = f.getfullname() # folder's full pathname path = f.getsequencesfilename() # full pathname of folder's sequences file path = f.getmessagefilename(n) # full pathname of message n in folder

list = f.listmessages() # list of messages in folder (as numbers) n = f.getcurrent() # get current message f.setcurrent(n) # set current message list = f.parsesequence(seq) # parse msgs syntax into list of messages n = f.getlast() # get last message (0 if no messagse) f.setlast(n) # set last message (internal use only)

dict = f.getsequences() # dictionary of sequences in folder {name: list} f.putsequences(dict) # write sequences back to folder

f.createmessage(n, fp) # add message from file f as number n f.removemessages(list) # remove messages in list from folder f.refilemessages(list, tofolder) # move messages in list to other folder f.movemessage(n, tofolder, ton) # move one message to a given destination f.copymessage(n, tofolder, ton) # copy one message to a given destination

m = f.openmessage(n) # new open message object (costs a file descriptor) m is a derived class of mimetools.Message(rfc822.Message), with: s = m.getheadertext() # text of message's headers s = m.getheadertext(pred) # text of message's headers, filtered by pred s = m.getbodytext() # text of message's body, decoded s = m.getbodytext(0) # text of message's body, not decoded

Classes [hide private]
Class representing a particular collection of folders.
Class representing a particular folder.
Class implementing sets of integers.
Functions [hide private]
pickline(file, key, casefold=1)
updateline(file, key, value, casefold=1)
Variables [hide private]
  MH_PROFILE = '~/.mh_profile'
  PATH = '~/Mail'
  MH_SEQUENCES = '.mh_sequences'
  numericprog = re.compile(r'^[1-9][0-9]*$')

Imports: os, sys, re, mimetools, multifile, shutil, bisect