Module pipes :: Class Template
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_ClassType Template

Class representing a pipeline template.

Instance Methods [hide private]
Template() returns a fresh pipeline template.
t.__repr__() implements repr(t).
t.reset() restores a pipeline template to its initial state.
t.clone() returns a new pipeline template with identical initial state as the current one.
debug(self, flag)
t.debug(flag) turns debugging on or off.
append(self, cmd, kind)
t.append(cmd, kind) adds a new step at the end.
prepend(self, cmd, kind)
t.prepend(cmd, kind) adds a new step at the front.
open(self, file, rw), rw) returns a pipe or file object open for reading or writing; the file is the other end of the pipeline.
open_r(self, file)
t.open_r(file) and t.open_w(file) implement, 'r') and, 'w') respectively.
open_w(self, file)
copy(self, infile, outfile)
makepipeline(self, infile, outfile)