Module threading
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Module threading

Thread module emulating a subset of Java's threading model.

Classes [hide private]
Semaphore that checks that # releases is <= # acquires
Call a function after a specified number of seconds:
Thread-local data
Functions [hide private]
lock object
(allocate() is an obsolete synonym)
RLock(*args, **kwargs)
Condition(*args, **kwargs)
Semaphore(*args, **kwargs)
BoundedSemaphore(*args, **kwargs)
Event(*args, **kwargs)
Timer(*args, **kwargs)
Return the thread stack size used when creating new threads.
Variables [hide private]
  _VERBOSE = False
  _profile_hook = None
  _trace_hook = None
  _counter = 0
  _active_limbo_lock = _allocate_lock()
  _active = {1075404192: <_MainThread(MainThread, started)>}
  _limbo = {}

Imports: _sys, _time, _sleep, _format_exc, deque, _start_new_thread, _allocate_lock, _get_ident, ThreadError

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(allocate() is an obsolete synonym)

Create a new lock object. See LockType.__doc__ for information about locks.

Returns: lock object


Return the thread stack size used when creating new threads.  The
optional size argument specifies the stack size (in bytes) to be used
for subsequently created threads, and must be 0 (use platform or
configured default) or a positive integer value of at least 32,768 (32k).
If changing the thread stack size is unsupported, a ThreadError
exception is raised.  If the specified size is invalid, a ValueError
exception is raised, and the stack size is unmodified.  32k bytes
 currently the minimum supported stack size value to guarantee
sufficient stack space for the interpreter itself.

Note that some platforms may have particular restrictions on values for
the stack size, such as requiring a minimum stack size larger than 32kB or
requiring allocation in multiples of the system memory page size
- platform documentation should be referred to for more information
(4kB pages are common; using multiples of 4096 for the stack size is
the suggested approach in the absence of more specific information).

Returns: size