Module toaiff
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Module toaiff

Convert "arbitrary" sound files to AIFF (Apple and SGI's audio format).

Input may be compressed. Uncompressed file type may be AIFF, WAV, VOC, 8SVX, NeXT/Sun, and others. An exception is raised if the file is not of a recognized type. Returned filename is either the input filename or a temporary filename; in the latter case the caller must ensure that it is removed. Other temporary files used are removed by the function.

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_toaiff(filename, temps)
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  table = {'8svx': <Template instance, steps=[('sox -t 8svx - -t...
  t = <Template instance, steps=[('sox -t sndr - -t aiff -r 1600...
  uncompress = <Template instance, steps=[('uncompress', '--')]>

Imports: os, tempfile, pipes, sndhdr

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{'8svx': <Template instance, steps=[('sox -t 8svx - -t aiff -r 16000 -\
', '--')]>,
 'au': <Template instance, steps=[('sox -t au - -t aiff -r 8000 -', '-\
 'hcom': <Template instance, steps=[('sox -t hcom - -t aiff -r 22050 -\
', '--')]>,
 'sndr': <Template instance, steps=[('sox -t sndr - -t aiff -r 16000 -\
', '--')]>,


<Template instance, steps=[('sox -t sndr - -t aiff -r 16000 -', '--')]\