Package wsgiref :: Module handlers :: Class CGIHandler
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_ClassType CGIHandler

BaseHandler --+        
  SimpleHandler --+    
     BaseCGIHandler --+

CGI-based invocation via sys.stdin/stdout/stderr and os.environ



The difference between this class and BaseCGIHandler is that it always uses 'wsgi.run_once' of 'True', 'wsgi.multithread' of 'False', and 'wsgi.multiprocess' of 'True'. It does not take any initialization parameters, but always uses 'sys.stdin', 'os.environ', and friends.

If you need to override any of these parameters, use BaseCGIHandler instead.

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from BaseHandler: headers_class, wsgi_file_wrapper

Instance Methods [hide private]

Inherited from SimpleHandler: add_cgi_vars, get_stderr, get_stdin

Inherited from SimpleHandler (private): _flush, _write

Inherited from BaseHandler: cleanup_headers, client_is_modern, close, error_output, finish_content, finish_response, get_scheme, handle_error, log_exception, result_is_file, run, send_headers, send_preamble, sendfile, set_content_length, setup_environ, start_response, write

Class Variables [hide private]
  wsgi_run_once = True

Inherited from BaseCGIHandler: origin_server

Inherited from BaseHandler: bytes_sent, error_body, error_headers, error_status, headers, headers_sent, http_version, os_environ, result, server_software, status, traceback_limit, wsgi_multiprocess, wsgi_multithread, wsgi_version

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Overrides: SimpleHandler.__init__