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Module simple_server

BaseHTTPServer that implements the Python WSGI protocol (PEP 333, rev 1.21)

This is both an example of how WSGI can be implemented, and a basis for running simple web applications on a local machine, such as might be done when testing or debugging an application. It has not been reviewed for security issues, however, and we strongly recommend that you use a "real" web server for production use.

For example usage, see the 'if __name__=="__main__"' block at the end of the module. See also the BaseHTTPServer module docs for other API information.

Version: 0.1

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BaseHTTPServer that implements the Python WSGI protocol
Functions [hide private]
demo_app(environ, start_response)
make_server(host, port, app, server_class=<class wsgiref.simple_server.WSGIServer at 0x416684dc>, handler_class=<class wsgiref.simple_server.WSGIRequestHandler at 0x416681dc>)
Create a new WSGI server listening on `host` and `port` for `app`
Variables [hide private]
  server_version = 'WSGIServer/0.1'
  sys_version = 'Python/2.5'
  software_version = 'WSGIServer/0.1 Python/2.5'

Imports: BaseHTTPRequestHandler, HTTPServer, urllib, sys, SimpleHandler