Package xml :: Package dom :: Module expatbuilder :: Class ExpatBuilder
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_ClassType ExpatBuilder

Known Subclasses:

Document builder that uses Expat to build a ParsedXML.DOM document instance.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, options=None)
Create a new parser object.
Return the parser object, creating a new one if needed.
Free all data structures used during DOM construction.
install(self, parser)
Install the callbacks needed to build the DOM into the parser.
parseFile(self, file)
Parse a document from a file object, returning the document node.
parseString(self, string)
Parse a document from a string, returning the document node.
_setup_subset(self, buffer)
Load the internal subset if there might be one.
start_doctype_decl_handler(self, doctypeName, systemId, publicId, has_internal_subset)
pi_handler(self, target, data)
character_data_handler_cdata(self, data)
character_data_handler(self, data)
entity_decl_handler(self, entityName, is_parameter_entity, value, base, systemId, publicId, notationName)
notation_decl_handler(self, notationName, base, systemId, publicId)
comment_handler(self, data)
external_entity_ref_handler(self, context, base, systemId, publicId)
first_element_handler(self, name, attributes)
start_element_handler(self, name, attributes)
_finish_start_element(self, node)
end_element_handler(self, name)
_finish_end_element(self, curNode)
_handle_white_text_nodes(self, node, info)
element_decl_handler(self, name, model)
attlist_decl_handler(self, elem, name, type, default, required)
xml_decl_handler(self, version, encoding, standalone)