Module xmlrpclib :: Class Unmarshaller
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_ClassType Unmarshaller

Unmarshal an XML-RPC response, based on incoming XML event messages (start, data, end). Call close() to get the resulting data structure.

Note that this reader is fairly tolerant, and gladly accepts bogus XML-RPC data without complaining (but not bogus XML).

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, use_datetime=0)
xml(self, encoding, standalone)
start(self, tag, attrs)
data(self, text)
end(self, tag, join=<function join at 0x404d3e64>)
end_dispatch(self, tag, data)
end_nil(self, data)
end_boolean(self, data)
end_int(self, data)
end_double(self, data)
end_string(self, data)
end_array(self, data)
end_struct(self, data)
end_base64(self, data)
end_dateTime(self, data)
end_value(self, data)
end_params(self, data)
end_fault(self, data)
end_methodName(self, data)
Class Variables [hide private]
  dispatch = {}