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ClassType VoidUrlGenerator

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Don't actually know any url, but don't report any error.

Useful if an index file is not available, but a document linking to it is to be generated, and warnings are to be avoided.

Don't report any object as missing, Don't return any url anyway.

Nested Classes [hide private]

Inherited from UrlGenerator: IndexAmbiguous

Instance Methods [hide private]
get_url(self, name)
Look for a name and return the matching URL documentation.
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Inherited from UrlGenerator: get_canonical_name

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from UrlGenerator (private): _SEP_RE

Method Details [hide private]

get_url(self, name)

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Look for a name and return the matching URL documentation.

First look for a fully qualified name. If not found, try with partial name.

If no url exists for the given object, return None.

  • name - the name to look for
Returns: str
the URL that can be used to reach the name documentation. None if no such URL exists.
  • IndexError - no object found with name
  • DocUrlGenerator.IndexAmbiguous - more than one object found with a non-fully qualified name; notice that this is an IndexError subclass
Overrides: UrlGenerator.get_url
(inherited documentation)