Package epydoc :: Package markup :: Module restructuredtext :: Class _DocumentPseudoWriter
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ClassType _DocumentPseudoWriter

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A pseudo-writer for the docutils framework, that can be used to access the document itself. The output of _DocumentPseudoWriter is just an empty string; but after it has been used, the most recently processed document is available as the instance variable document

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__init__(self) source code
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Do final translation of self.document into self.output.
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Inherited from docutils.writers.Writer: assemble_parts, get_transforms, write

Inherited from docutils.Component: supports

Class Variables [hide private]

Inherited from docutils.writers.Writer: component_type, config_section, destination, language, output

Inherited from docutils.Component: supported

Inherited from docutils.SettingsSpec: config_section_dependencies, relative_path_settings, settings_default_overrides, settings_defaults, settings_spec

Inherited from docutils.TransformSpec: default_transforms, unknown_reference_resolvers

Instance Variables [hide private]
docutils.nodes.document document
The document to write (Docutils doctree); set by write.

Inherited from docutils.writers.Writer: parts

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Overrides: docutils.writers.Writer.__init__


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Do final translation of self.document into self.output. Called from write. Override in subclasses.

Usually done with a docutils.nodes.NodeVisitor subclass, in combination with a call to docutils.nodes.Node.walk() or docutils.nodes.Node.walkabout(). The NodeVisitor subclass must support all standard elements (listed in docutils.nodes.node\_class\_names) and possibly non-standard elements used by the current Reader as well.

Overrides: docutils.writers.Writer.translate
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