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ClassType dotgraph

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A custom docutils node that should be rendered using Graphviz dot. This node does not directly store the graph; instead, it stores a pointer to a function that can be used to generate the graph. This allows the graph to be built based on information that might not be available yet at parse time. This graph generation function has the following signature:

>>> def generate_graph(docindex, context, linker, *args):
...     'generates and returns a new DotGraph'

Where docindex is a docindex containing the documentation that epydoc has built; context is the APIDoc whose docstring contains this dotgraph node; linker is a DocstringLinker that can be used to resolve crossreferences; and args is any extra arguments that are passed to the dotgraph constructor.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, generate_graph_func, *generate_graph_args) source code
call graph 
graph(self, docindex, context, linker) source code
call graph 

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__init__(self, generate_graph_func, *generate_graph_args)

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call graph 
Overrides: docutils.nodes.Element.__init__